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Postpartum Care
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Jamaica Moon Wellness is committed to assisting new mamas and families in their postpartum journey.  Our all natural hand crafted wellness products are created to care for you and your entire family.  We are here to provide the postpartum care you deserve as you transition into your new role.  Explore the full line of wellness products and book your postpartum doula consultation to begin healing on a deeper level.

My mission

My goal is to provide moms and families with healthy and loving support.  Creating and sustaining a new life is powerful and exhausting work.  Without help, motherhood can feel draining and cause stress on the nervous system.  My mission at JMW is to create a place where moms and babies are taken care of through healing natural wellness products, nourishing food, expert advice and a safe space to learn, grow and make mistakes.  The entire JMW product line is hand made with all natural, organic ingredients, love and a commitment to sustaining the planet for our little ones.

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Our Philosophy

About the brand

Jamaica Moon Wellness started with a mission to create holistic self care products and to provide individuals with a template for loving self awareness and mindfulness.  With the birth of my daughter in 2022I felt a strong pull to move JMW on to a path of assisting mothers and families with the incredible work of caring for new life.


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