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meet jamaica

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A little about my journey

My journey to Jamaica Moon Wellness is an incredibly personal one.  I began searching for a better, more balanced and holistic approach to my overall wellness.  I was looking for a routine to help ground me and inspire me on my path to my highest self.  Creating all natural, plant based self care products that I could use at home and share with my loved ones became my top priority.  It was and will always be important to me that everything I create is made with the same energy I put into my most sacred relationships.  The Jamaica Moon Wellness self care catalogue is created with thoughtful intention.  If I don't connect with a product I don't make it, it's that simple.

Through Jamaica Moon Wellness I offer a full line of self care products for the bath, body and home.  I also create custom one of a kind products specifically designed with you.  Collaborating with clients to develop a self care routine that allows for more wellness in their lives is the reason I started this brand.

To assist you on your path to wellness I offer one on one wellness coaching services, group events and workshops.  If you are looking to connect deeper to the divine feminine energy inside of you, allow me to help guide you in finding that power.  Combining my years of experience in the event and food industries, my skills as a life coach and decades of dedication to self care I am uniquely here for you.  Jamaica Moon Wellness provides a holistic and authentic "self-centered" approach to wellness.

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